11 comments on “La Dolce Toscana: Torta Pistocchi Florence

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  2. Hi Sophie,
    I have been fortunate enough to taste this amazing chocolate delicacy and looking at your photo has made me crave the smooth, creamy, chocolaty heaven on this very cold night!
    A lovely post!

    • Sofie Delauw on - Reply

      Thank you Lisa! Happy to hear I have a partner in crime :-)

  3. love it !
    I Claudii sono dei grandi appassionati e grandi professionisti: very passionate about their job

  4. It’s times like these that I wish Italians were better at e-commerce (especially interantionally). I would totally order a torta and a side of the gianduja cream. Yummmm.

    • Sofie Delauw on - Reply

      Il piacere è stato mio, vi ringrazio ancora per la vostra ospitalità!

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