5 comments on “The World of Fabio Picchi

  1. beautiful pix! and excellent food! this is the place where we spend every special occasion and take outta-towners. it’s really so special. what i also love are the shows teatro del sale puts on, good laughs and great food and wine!

    Picchi does a wonderful job at making each one feel unique, yet all tied together, very magical. thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hi Sofie,
    Finally got to your wonderful website. We had the pleasure of meeting you and your parents at a lovely restaurant in Florence. We were all seated at the same table, I was the only female among three older gentlemen, who were enjoying your beautiful smile as well as their steak florentine. Your father was making us all laugh as he braved nibbling on a platter of boiled assorted meats.
    We did get to the shop gelato shop, and the Gozzi Brothers based on your wonderful recommendations.
    Wish you all the best in your artful explorations of the world around you.
    Sincerely, Regina Martin-Rodger

    • Sofie Delauw on - Reply

      Ciao Regina! I remember very well! Thank you very much for writing me, I am so happy to hear you enjoyed my suggestions :-)

  3. Ik ben sinds kort lid van Teatro del Sale. Rond kerst waren we er naar een voorstelling gaan kijken (luisteren). Maar eerst werd er uitvoerig gegeten. Heel lekker. Het lidmaatschap kost 7 euro per jaar en ik kan iedereen warm aanraden om lid te worden. Ik heb een huis in Certaldo en kom vaak in Firenze. De restaurantjes van Picchi zijn erg goed.

  4. Sofie Delauw on - Reply

    Ciao Ernest! Happy to hear you also appreciate Picchi’s cuisine. Now the Teatro del Sale organizes weekend brunches. A good idea for next time you are in Certaldo?

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